Celebrate Farm to School Month

Every October, National Farm to School Month is celebrated by the National Farm to School Network in all 50 states.

NH Farm to School encourages you to celebrate too!

Join us and other schools across the state in recognizing the importance of farm to school through activities, lesson plans, good local food, and fun! NH Farm to School will have 5 themed weeks during Farm to School Month highlighting one different aspect of student engagement with food and agriculture. We will be sharing ideas for activities that can tie into these weeks in advance, as well as providing resources for teachers to look for appropriate lesson plans. We will also be hosting a Farm to School photo contest, with three categories.

2021 Highlighted Weeks

School Garden Harvest Week

09/26/21 - 10/02/21

Classroom Connection Week

10/03/21 - 10/09/21

School Lunch Heroes Week

10/10/21 - 10/16/21

Celebrating Culture Week

10/17/21 - 10/23/21

Farm to Pre-School Week

10/24/21 - 10/30/21

School Garden Harvest Week: Celebrating the educational opportunities, successes, and challenges of NH school and home gardens.

Classroom Connection Week: During this week we will be focusing on food and agricultural education within science, math, social studies, and other subjects.

School Lunch Heroes Week: This week highlights the importance of school meals and the people who provide them. 

Celebrating Culture Week: New Hampshire is home to people of many different backgrounds, ethnicities, and religions and includes our Indigenous communities. This week celebrates those differences through food!

Farm to Pre-school Week: Early childhood is an ideal first-step to introduce students to farm to school principles – this week is all about Pre-K educational opportunities.

Farm to School Photo Contest

To celebrate Farm to School Month, we are asking you to submit photos representing any of the weekly themes.

We are  accepting photographs in these three categories:

  • “What’s On Your Tray?” : Submit a photo celebrating your school lunch or breakfast program or cafeteria heroes
  • “Fun in the Garden”: Show your students or child having a great time in their school or home garden!
  • “Educational Opportunities”: Submit a photo of your students or children learning about food and agriculture, celebrating cultures or farm to preschool – the more interactive the lesson, the better!

Photos can be submitted here


2019's photo contest winner!