Monadnock Farm to School Network

Monadnock Farm to School Network is a community resource for all schools and educators who are pursuing farm to school activities in the Monadnock Region.

The Monadnock Farm to School (F2S) network is a branch of the New Hampshire Farm to School Network. The statewide network is made up of interested Farm to School players from all regions, and across sectors including educators, food service, and procurement.

The purpose of the New Hampshire Farm to School networks is to strengthen the ability of Farm to School programs around NH to collaborate on key issues like funding, finding resources and tools, sharing contacts and brainstorming.

“As an educator I was lucky enough to personally experience the benefits of a local specialist joining our classroom throughout the year. My students were excited and engaged, all while learning skills that would last a lifetime. Forming relationships with local nonprofits and other community organizations strengthened the bond my students had with their community, resulting in a sense of social responsibility. My students completed the program with a deeper connection to the natural world and I am still grateful for that to this day.” -Rebecca Lancaster, Stonewall Farm

Network facilitators:

Monadnock Farm & Community Coalition: Monadnock Farm and Community Coalition is a 140-member organization who come together regularly in quarterly forums and in working groups to build a robust, effective, equitable, and sustainable local food system throughout the Monadnock Region in alignment with the Healthy Monadnock strategy to increase healthy eating.

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