Visit these resources to learn how to start purchasing local foods for your school or institution.

HOW TO: Local Food Procurement Processes for Farmers and Schools

Contact the schools in your town or district and talk with the Food Service Directors.  Find out which fruits and vegetables they typically need, and let them know which farm products you plan to have available during the months school is in session.

  • Contact the NH Farm to School Program and let us know you’re interested in selling to schools.  We can provide you with contacts at participating schools.
  • Consider growing some crops specifically for a school.
  • Explore the possibility of selling to a distributor who buys from local farms and supplies local schools.
  • Offer tours to school groups so that the next generation will learn where their food comes from.

A few things schools will need from you:

  • Delivery on an agreed upon day
  • An invoice with net 30 terms
  • Schools would like to know what is going to be available ahead of time, as meals are planned weeks in advance.
  • Schools want to buy from farms that use Good Agricultural Practices. 


  • Ask your produce distributor if they offer locally grown fruits and vegetables.  Make it a priority to order foods grown locally.
  • Buy NH-grown produce directly from a local farm.
  • Post information for your staff and students about the local farms where the food was grown.
  • If your current distributor does not offer local options, contact one who does.
  • Organize a local foods taste test in your cafeteria.
  • Plan a local harvest meal, featuring local foods.
  • Start a school vegetable garden.
  • Take a field trip to a local farm