Webinar Recording: Cultivating Roots: Basic Classroom Hydroponics

As part of the 2022 Webinar Series, presented by the NH Farm to School Network and the NH School & Youth Garden Network, NH 4-H Field Specialist, Michelle Bersaw-Robblee, and 6th grade Special Education Educator, Kristen Bean Warren, shared how they partnered to bring hydroponics into the classroom for a hands-on interactive experience for students. This webinar includes information about individual student lessons, as well as larger classroom set-ups, and provides a variety of resources to start a hydroponics unit or lesson in the classroom. Watch the webinar recording below. Also below are resource links referred to in the webinar.


Organizations and Programs:

NH Farm to School, an initiative of Sustainability Institute at the University of New Hampshire
New Hampshire 4-H Youth Development Program, University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension


Grow with the Flow: A Hydroponic Gardening Workshop, Warner P.A, Rakow, D.A., Mazza, C. A Cornell Cooperative Extension Publication (High School)
Soilless Growing Systems, The University of Tennessee (High School)
Exploring Hydroponics, kidsgardening.org (Middle School)
Agricultural Literacy Curriculum Matrix, provided by NH Agriculture in the Classroom,(searchable by grade level)

Books and Guides:

Hydroponic Food Production by Howard Resh
ISBN: 0-931231-99-x
Aquaponic Gardening by Sylvia Bernstein
ISBN: 978-0-86571-701-5
Hydroponics: A practical guide for the soilless grower by J. Benton Jones Jr.
ISBN: 0-8493-3167-6
“A recipe for hydroponic success.” Mattson, Neil S., and Peters, Cari. Inside Grower 2014.Jan (2014): 16- 19. READ MORE >>

Fact Sheets:

“Greenhouse Lighting” Fact sheet. Neil Mattson. VIEW HERE >>

Food Safety:

Food Safety Modernization Act VIEW HERE >>