NH Harvest of the Month

New Hampshire Harvest of the Month is a program run by New Hampshire Farm to School in the Granite State. Our goal is to promote seasonal eating, encourage healthy diets and support the local economy.

Our calendar is based on the seasonality of crops in our state and region. New Hampshire Harvest of the Month materials have been adapted – with permission – from the Vermont Harvest of the Month program materials.

Monthly Harvest Pages

December, January, February

March, April, May

June, July, August

September, October, November

Intro Guides

Classroom Curriculum & Cooking


Calling all teachers, food service professionals, school nurses, parents, farmers, after-school coordinators and community members! Harvest of the Month (HOM) is a farm-to-school campaign that provides ready to go materials for the classroom, cafeteria, and community that promotes the use of local, seasonal foods.

If you’re interested in kick-starting or strengthening your farm-to-school program, join us in celebrating the New Hampshire Harvest of the Month! ​