How to Get NH Products Into Your School

To get NH products into your schools, follow these “six steps to success:”

  1. Contact Stacey Purslow at the NHFTS Program
    • Phone: 603-862-2542
    • E-mail:
    • She will assist you with all of the following steps and will answer any questions you have about the program.
  2. Working with NHFTS and your local farmer(s), determine the following: 
    • Appropriate products and quantities desired/available
    • Packaging requirements
    • Billing/payment method and dates
    • Insurance requirements
    • Distribution methods, frequency, dates and times
    • Price of product
  3. Once step two is complete, contract with your farmer and/or distributer and begin offering fresh, local foods in your school!
  4. Get NHFTS posters to proudly display in your cafeterias and schools announcing that you are providing local products.
  5. Let your school staff, students and parents know what you are doing and direct them to the NHFTS website for more information.
  6. Add more local products to your cafeterias menu!

NH Farm to Institution Guide

Participating Distributors